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WBC Life span and Number|Immune system|Hematology

Posted by Mumtaz khan Monday, 27 February 2012

WBC Life Span and Number:
         WBC are far less numerous than RBCc averaging from 5,000-10,000 per cubicmm of blood.The ratio of RBCs to WBCs is around 700:1. The term leucocytosis refers to increase in the number of WBCs.The term Leucopenia refers to an abnormally low levels of WBCs(below 5000 per cubic mm). The term Leukemia refers to a very abnormal increase in specific type of WBC.

         Since bacteria exist everywhere in the environment and have easy continuous acces to the body especially through mouth,nose and skin pores. Many cells especially the cells of Epithelial tissue are subjected to aging and death and their remains must be disposed off by phagocytes that actively injest bacteria and debris.In a healthy body some WBCs especially lymphocytes can live for several months or even years but on an average there is no fixed life span for WBCs.Life span is decided by the period of infection e.g.,During severe infection phagocytic WBCs may live or survive only for a few hours.


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