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Immune benefits of Breast Milk,Immune system,Immunity.

Posted by Mumtaz khan Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Immune benefits of breat milk:

Antibodies of secretory IgA:- Bind to microbes in baby's digestive tract and thereby prevent their attachment to the walls of the gut and their subsequent passage into body's tissues.

B-12 binding factor:- Reduces amount of vitamin B-12,which bacteria need in order to grow.

Bifidus factor:- Promotes growth of Lactobacillus bifidus,,a harmless bacterium,in baby's gut.Growth of such nonpathogenic bacteria helps to crowd out dangerous varieties.

Fatty acids:- Disrupt membranes surrounding certain viruses and destroy them.

Fibronectin:- Increase antimicrobial activity of macrophages;helps to repair tissues that have been damaged by immune reactions in baby's gut.

Hormones and growth factors:- Stimulate baby's digestive tract to mature more quickly.Once the initially "leaky" membranes lining the gut mature,infants become less vulnerable to microorganisms.

Interferon:- Enhances antimicrobial activity of immune cells.

Lactoferrin:- Binds to iron,a mineral many bacteria need to survive.By reducing the available amount of iron,lactoferrin thwarts growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Lysozyme:- Kills bacteria by disrupting their cell walls.

Mucins:- Adhere to bacteria and viruses,thus keeping such microorganisms from attaching to mucosal surfaces.

Oligosaccharides:- Bind to microorganisms and bar them from attaching to mucosal surfaces.

SOURCE:Adapted from J.Newman,1995,How breast milk protects newborns,Sci.Am.273(6):76.


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