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Trying to provide all necessary information about IMMUNITY and IMMUNE SYSTEM

Leucocytes(W.B.C)Immune system|Immunity.

Posted by Mumtaz khan Saturday, 25 February 2012

W.B.C. Anatomy And types:
       Unlike R.B.C.s leucocytes of W.B.C. have a well defined nucleus and do not contain hemoglobin.The two major groups of W.B.C.s are granular W.B.C.s and Agranular W.B.C.s.,

Types of WBCs
Granular Leucocytes:-
      Also called as granulocytes showing lobed nuclei and conspicuous granules in the cytolasm.These are of three types viz.,Neutrophils,Eosinophils and Basophils.These name reflect the types of granules seen when using hematology stain Giemsa stain or Leishman's stain.But the most preferred stain is Wright's stain which include both acidic Eosin and Basic dye.The nuclei of Neutrophils may have 2-6 lobes connected by very thin strands as the cells age the extent of nuclear lobulation increases.Because the older Neutrophils appear to have many differently shaped nuclei they are often called as polymorphonuclear leucocyte or simply polymorphs.The younger neutrophils are often called as bands because their nucleus id rod shaped.The cytoplasm of neutrophils shows fine lilac colored granules.The nucleus of an Eosinophils usually has two lobes connected by a thin or thick strand.The granules in the cytoplasm are large and they stain reddish orange.The nucleus of a basophils is irregular often in the form of letter 'S'.The granules in their cytoplasm are variable in size and stain bluish black.

Agranular Luecocytes:-
       Also called Agranulocytes whereby no cytoplasmic granules can be seen.The two kinds of Agranulocytes or Lymphocytes and Monocytes.The nuclei of Lymphocytes are darkly stained,roundish showing slightly indented shape.The cytoplasm stains sky blue.The nuclei of monocytes are kidney shaped and the cytoplasm has blurred appearance.Some of them reside in a particular tissue and are referred as fixed macrophages.E.g., macrophages are wandering or free macrophages which roam and gather at sites of infection or inflamation.Just like RBCs have surface(Major Histo Compatibility antigen)(these are contains for each person).


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