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Trying to provide all necessary information about IMMUNITY and IMMUNE SYSTEM

Monoclonal Antibodies,Immune system,Immuity,Immunology.

Posted by Mumtaz khan Saturday, 18 February 2012

 Monoclonal Antibody Production:
            As we have studied earlier,most antigens offer epitopes and therefore induce proliferation and differentiation of a variety of B-cell clones,each derived from a B cell that recognizes a particular epitope.The resulting serum antibodies are heterogeneous,comprising a mixture of antibodies,each specific for one epitope.Such a polyclonal antibody response facilitates the localization,phagocytes,and complement-mediated lysis of antigen;it thus has clear advantages for the organism in vivo.Unfortunately,the antibody heterogenecity that increases immune protection in vivo often reduces the efficacy of an antiserum for various in vitro uses.For most research,diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes, monoclonal antibodies,derived from a single clone and thus specific for a single epitope,are preferable.

            Direct biochemical purification of a monoclonal antibody from a polyclonal antibody preparation is not feasible. In 1975,Georges Kohler and Cesar Milstein devised  a method for preparing monoclonal antibody,which quickly became one of immunology's key technologies.By fusing a normal activated,antibody-producing B cell with a myeloma cell(a cancerous plasma cell),they were able to generate a hybrid cell,called a hybridoma,that possessed the immortal growth properties of the myeloma cell and secreted the antibody produced by the B cell.The resulting clones of hybridoma cells,which secrete large quantities of monoclonal antibody,can be cultured indefinitely.The development of techniques for producing monoclonal antibodies,gave immonologists a powerful and versatile research tool.The significance of the work by kohler and Milstein was acknowledged when each was awarded a nobel Prize.

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