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Scorpion|Animal toxin|Immunology|Toxicology

Posted by Mumtaz khan Monday, 30 January 2012

Phylum-Arthropoda(paired appendages).
Class-Arachnida(4 pairs of legs)
Genus & species-Scorpion
* Sting apparatus-
* Scorpion are fearsome arthropods in which a strong stinging apparatus is present in the last abdominal segment at the ned of their highly mobile tail.
* The sting is bilobed at the base and has a pointed spine at the apex.
* Inside the swollen part there are poison gland enclosed in muscles.
* The two poison ducts open separately at the tip of the spine.
* Venom:
* The venom is clear,colourless fluid called Toxalbumin containing toxic substances which are injected when a scorpion stings.
* The venom of scorpion is used for catching prey and defense scorpion venoms are complex mixtures of neurotoxin.
* It contains various neurotransmitter such as acetylcholine dopamine,serotonin and histamines.
* The toxic components include hyluronidase ,trypsin and acetic acid.  
* It also contains nerve blockers
* Effects:
*  The venom of the scorpion is very toxic and often lethal.
* It has an adverse effect on nervous system(medulla oblongata)it causes reverse peristalsis.
* It also affects the blood the blood pressure by the contraction of blood vessels.
* The venom has the capacity to inhibit the respiratory reflexes and circulatory reflexes.
* It increase the cardiac output causing unconsciousness,coma and ultimately death.e.g.,Centruroides(Arizona USA),Buthus,Mesobuthus sp.(India.)


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