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Nomenclature and classification of Enzymes

Posted by Mumtaz khan Sunday, 1 January 2012

       With the continuous increase in the knowledge of enzymology ,various system have evolved to name and classify the enzyme using various criteria as the basis.Some enzymes are named with any significance e.g.,Diastase,trypsin,pepsin,renin etc.
Enzymes were named depending upon:
     * Substrate they acted upon.
     * Type of reaction catalyzed.
     * Substrate that is synthesized.
     * Chemical composition of the enzyme.
     * Substance hydrolyzed and the group involved
Overall chemical reaction taken in consideration.In 1961,International Union of Biochemistry(IUB)used the overall chemical reaction as a criteria for classification and nomenclature of enzymes.Although the complicated IUB system is precise,descriptive and informative.The major features of this system of classification is as follows:
     * The reactions and the enzymes catalyzing them are divided into 6 major classes each with 4-13 sub   classes
     * Each enzymes name has two parts viz.,(i)The first pat is the name of the substrate/s. (ii)The second part which ends in the suffix 'ase' indicates the type of reaction catalyzed .
     * Additional information regarding the nature of reaction if needed is given in parenthesis.
     * Each enzyme has been allotted a systematic code number called as 'Enzyme commission number or E.C. number.The enzyme commission number for each enzyme consist of series of number at 3 places.The first place number representing the major class to which the enzyme belongs.The median number indicating/denoting the sub class and sub-subclass within the major class.The last place of the four digit represents the serial number of the enzyme with the sub-sub class.


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