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Nicotine|Plant toxin|Toxicology|Immunology.

Posted by Mumtaz khan Thursday, 26 January 2012

* It is an alkaloid present in tobacco plants.
* Nicotine is mainly concentrated in tobacco leaf and this tobacco is mainly used in agricultural purpose as insecticide as well as in domestic purpose.
* Recently,tobacco was introduced as pharmaceutic product in the form of nicotine chewing gum,which helps smokers who want to quit smoking.
* It is absorbed through mucosal membrane,alveoli or skin.
* It is excreted by gastrointestinal tract,urine and small amount through respiratory tract.
* Toxicity:
* The chain smokers are nicotine dependent and therefore they become addicts to smoking.
* Nicotine acts to stimulate CNS and its action on neuro muscular junction mimics that of acetycholine.
* Nicotine poisoning results in symptoms such as salivation,vomiting,muscular weakness,convulsions,respiratory discomfort,loss of consciousness,severe irritation of mouth,esophagus and gastric mucosa.death occurs by respiratory failure
* Chronic toxicity:
Heart diseases,change in vision,deafness,nose and throat irritation,decreased ciliary action of bronchi,increase in heart beat,pulmonary emphysema i.e.,enlargement of alveoli,bronchitis,gastric ulcer,cancer of esophagus,lungs,mouth and urinary bladder.
* Diagnosis:
Odour of nicotine in breathing,burning mouth,anxiety,nausea,respiratory failure etc.
* Treatment:
Artificial respiration,infections of penta barbitone is used to warm up the body i.e.,to increase peripheral circulation.


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