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Posted by Mumtaz khan Thursday, 26 January 2012

* Common  source of caffeine is tea or coffee which is used as beverages.It is cultivated in India,China,Japan and Sri Lanka.
* Chemical composition:
* The principle constituent of tea is caffiene.
* It also contains traces of thiobromine which is dimethyl Xanthine.
* The tea plant also contains Xanthine or volatile oils.
* The caffeine is about 1-3% and tannin is about 10-24%.
* Now-a-days caffeine can be produced synthetically which occurs as white powder.
* It is bitter in taste,soluble in citric acid,benzoic acid,salicyclic acid or bromides.
* Uses:
Caffiene is used forobtaining effct on CNS.
The action is almost physiologic in nature and helps to remove fatigue and sleepiness.
It is also used in certain types such as neuralgia,migraine,rheumatism cardiac is also used as diuretic.
It also stimulates cardiac system.
Activation of kidney also takes place.
Caffeine treatment is given to those who suffer from depression of CNS.
* Toxicity:
Large dose of caffeine causes restlessness,insomnia,excitement and diuresis.


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