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Microbial Toxins|Immunology|Toxicology

Posted by Mumtaz khan Monday, 23 January 2012

1. Problem arising from pathogenic microorganisms and their toxic metabolites in food are many.
2. They range in severity from intestinal disturbances caused by clostridium perfrigens or Staphylococcus to the highly lethal intoxication caused by ingestion of toxins produced clostridium botulinum.
 3. Modern methods of food processing have influenced the pattern of food borne infections and intoxicants.
4. Poor hygiene control of a widely distributed product can result in infection of consumers over extended period of time.
5. Inadequately pasteurized batch process eggs,used in baking industries have been found to be source of Salmonella infections over wide areas.
6. Salmonella and related Arizona infections are seen in intestinal tracts of poultry,cattle and swine which become the permanent reservoirs of the human food borne Salmonella infections.
7. The result of improper heating and cooling practices gives rise to clostridium perfrigens and Bacillus cereus infections and staphylococcal food intoxication.
8. Botulinum the intoxication resulting from the ingestion of highly lethal toxins produced by clostridium botulinum organisms is the most widely known food borne intoxicantions.
9. The actual incidence is surprisingly low in humans,but large scale outbreaks have been reported in animals.
10.Smoked and fermented fish,liver paste and even beef jerky have identified as causing botulism outbreaks.


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