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Trying to provide all necessary information about IMMUNITY and IMMUNE SYSTEM

Significance of fertilization

1. It stimulates the secondary oocyte to undergo second maturation division to release second polar body and to form haploid ovum.
2. It restores the diploidy in the zygote.
3. Fertilization membrane prevents polyspermy.
4. Metabolic activities are increased as more mitochondria are available.
5. It combines the characters of two parents and introduces variations.So helps in evolution.
6. Centrioles of sperm form spindle to initiate the cleavage of zygote .
7. Sex chromosome of sperm is either X or Y and helps in sex determination.
8. Copulation path sets the axis of division.

Some of the other importance of  fertilization

1.It rises to formation of a new organism/In case of plants it develops into a fruit.
2. It is the successful formation of zygote by the fusion of sex_ germ cells that are female and male gametes.
3. It leads to a successful reproduction attempt.
4. It ultimately leads to a replication of a new organism as an offspring.


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