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Allergy and asthma as Serious Public health Problems

Posted by Mumtaz khan Wednesday, 17 August 2011

                    Although the immune system serves to protect the host from infection and cancer, inappropriate responses of this system can lead to disease.Common among the results of immune dysfunction are allergies and asthma,both serious public problems.Simply stated ,allergic reactions are responses to antigenic stimuli thqat result in immunity based mainly on IgE class of immunoglobin.Exposure to the antigen(or allergenstriggers an IgE-mediated release of molecules that cause symptoms ranging from sneezing and dermatitis to inflammation of lungs in an asthmatic attack.The sequence of events in an allergic response is depicted in the accompanying figure.
                The discomfort from common allergies such as plant pollen allergy(often called ragweed allergy)consist of a week or two of sneezing and running nose, which may seem trivial compared with health problems such as cancer,cardiac arrest,or life-threatening infections.


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